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Galeria Kaufhof, Frankfurt

A modern shop design created with EXPONA design flooring from objectflor

GALERIA Kaufhof Shopping Centre, Main-Taunus Centre, Frankfurt
GALERIA Kaufhof GmbH
Technical Advice:
objectflor, Cologne
approx. 11,000m²

" After only ten weeks of conversion work, with business continuing as normal, the GALERIA Kaufhof shopping centre in Frankfurt’s Main-Taunus Centre took on a truly modern and attractive look, fitted out with the design floor covering EXPONA COMMERCIAL from "

With just on 11,000 square metres of design floor coverings, objectflor has overseen the emergence of the GALERIA Kaufhof as a shopping centre of the new generation. The uniform top quality shop concept was developed internally by Kaufhof by the departments of Fittings, Building Management, and Visual Merchandising, and made into a reality for the first time in the Main-Taunus Centre. In this context, the sales areas were created in settings aimed at a highly individual and emotional response. There were plenty of new ideas put into effect here:  For example, in the fully modernised restaurant the food is prepared live, before the eyes of the customers. And the usually matter-of-fact areas of the changing cubicles have been transformed into the style of the French Salon, with chandeliers and ornamental wall coverings creating a striking historical effect.

Design flooring from objectflor as a key part of the setting

A design floor covering is subjected to a great deal of stress in shopping areas in general, and even more so in department stores. What is needed is a floor covering which will retain its attractive surface for years on end, even under the roughest of treatment. As well as toughness and long service life, a key factor is economy, in particular by way of low cleaning costs. Another important aspect is a low installation level, so as to enable access with no problems at all to escalators, stairwells, and emergency exits. As well as this, the floor covering must also allow for regular conversion and redesigning work. objectflor vinyl floors fulfil all these requirements 100 percent, while also providing a wide range of top quality and individual decors which usher in some really interesting design possibilities.


For the redesigned Kaufhof store in the Main-Taunus Centre, the choice fell on the friendly wood look, with the striking grain formation, of the EXPONA COMMERCIAL Collection (Honey Ash). The contrast allows for a perceptible guidance effect, as well as good continuity from one area to another. In each case, the end points of a guide section are used to showcase some particular highlights. The light colours of the design floor covering reflect the light and create distinctive accentuations on the individual surfaces. And as well as that, they have less requirement for light, providing an energy economising effect – and customers appreciate them too.

Library of the Faculty of Humanities, Copenhagen, Denmark

Rubber floor coverings from objectflor can be used as individual entities

Care facility “mittendrin im kalletal”

objectflor Design flooring - Hygienic, hard-wearing, and economical as well

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