Loose lay carpet tiles

Modern architecture prefers smooth materials that create bright and spacious room designs. The focus is on concrete, glass and metal. However, these very impressive materials have one disadvantage: they reflect sound. This creates a negative reverberation effect that makes communication more difficult. This is where textile floor coverings come into their own. They noticeably improve room acoustics. Not only do they reduce impact sound, but they also absorb sound directly in the room. The open fibre structure absorbs noise and ensures well-being. In addition, textile floor coverings are ideal for creating zones within open spaces, such as conference rooms and hotel lobbies.

Improved acoustics.
Softer steps.


EXPONA SIMPLAY Carpets. Carpet tiles. 500 x 500mm.

All EXPONA SIMPLAY Carpets meet the highest quality standards, are regularly tested and always achieve the best values according to the strict guidelines of the testing institutes. E 

EXPONA SIMPLAY Carpets are produced from Solution-Dyed yarns, which makes them very hard-wearing and easy to care for. The CONCEPT and COMFORT carpet tiles are manufactured exclusively from innovative ECONYL® yarns, complying with the principle of maximum sustainability.

The production of EXPONA SIMPLAY Carpets combines state-of-the-art technology with carefully selected raw materials. The carpet tiles are manufactured on ultra-modern tufting lines. The high-performance nylon yarn is needled into the prefabricated carrier fabric. POWER GT are felted floor coverings in which the fibres are inextricably felted with each other using up to 14 000 needles.

Advantages of self-laid carpet tiles and planks

  • Quick installation, floor accessible immediately
  • Easy replacement of individual elements
  • Particularly quiet
  • Extremely comfortable underfoot
  • Less construction site dirt
  • Product reusability

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