Less waste, more recycling

As part of our sustainability strategy, we want to do even more than "just" make our own products fit for the future. That is why we are involved in numerous working groups

  • Working Group PVC Flooring Recycling
  • "aktion pvc recycling" of the Working Group PVC and ENVIRONMENT e.V.
  • Associate Member of VinylPlus®
  • Use of recycling offers for printer supplies
  • Strict separation of waste in recycling containers
  • Reduction of paper consumption
  • 100% recyclable EXPONA floor coverings

Our value chain

When our floor coverings are to be replaced after many years of use, they can be returned to the material value chain almost without loss. As a member of the AGPU (Arbeitsgemeinschaft PVC und Umwelt e.V.), we established responsible, nationwide recycling and reuse systems many years ago at great expense.

Schematic layout of the AgPR recycling plant in Troisdorf / Graphic:

Many of our floor coverings are 100% recyclable or materially and thermally recyclable. This means that the recycled material can be re-integrated into new production as far as possible.

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