Biodegradable plasticisers

Thanks to years of research and improved formulations, new, safe and harmless plasticisers have been developed in recent years. We only use such substances for our floor coverings.  EU risk assessments carried out by scientific experts have shown that modern high molecular weight, long chain plasticisers can be safely used in vinyl flooring. They pose no risk to human health or the environment because they are even biodegradable.

  • phthalate-free and biological softeners on the basis of a photo-technical reproduction with transparent wear layer and factory-applied polyurethane coating for use in the stressed living area
  • CE marking as European Declaration of Conformity
  • ISO 16001 audit - French product audit: A+ rating

Some ingredients within our POLYFLOR floorcoverings.

Dealing with valuable resources

Biologically based, phthalate-free plasticisers like the ones we use are also used in sensitive applications such as medical products, toys and food contact applications. We place the highest demands on our floors, as they do on baby equipment.

With a petroleum content of only 43%, vinyl consists of only a small proportion of non-renewable resources. Petroleum is found in almost everything we use every day, such as toothbrushes, shower gels, ballpoint pens and even medicines. Fifty-seven per cent of vinyl is made from chlorine, which - like most of the table salt we use every day - is derived from rock salt and is available in large, almost unlimited quantities. Thanks to modern manufacturing, vinyl has a low environmental impact. Because it can be processed at low temperatures, the energy required to manufacture it is relatively low compared to other materials such as metal, glass and ceramics. The long service life with low maintenance requirements as well as the good recyclability round off the positive overall picture.

(as of 2019)

Without harmful plasticisers

The health of our customers is our top priority.  We back this up with a large number of certifications and test seals. Our floor coverings are produced in objectflor quality and can be used without hesitation - especially in living rooms and children's rooms.

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