Woven floorings for busy places

WOVON is the name of objectflor’s new collection of modern vinyl flooring. The range combines modern designs with a woven finish, the beauty of which is brought out by the interplay of light and shade.

Characterised by its wonderful feel and fresh design, WOVON by objectflor is an innovative collection that has transformed weaving patterns into a unique style of durable vinyl flooring. The attractive finishes range from subtle to striking. Despite the fact that woven materials aren’t known for their low maintenance and durability, the flooring is surprisingly functional. The use of vinyl makes this flooring a smart choice for residential properties, as well as for business premises and shops. Even in places with significant wear and tear, WOVON is the perfect solution.

Three different designs, three different styles

The WOVON range includes three striking designs in three different colours. ‘Serene’ is the chic, elegant design with a low-key, woven pattern. It creates a calm effect and serves as the perfect transition between different surfaces. This flooring is the epitome of serenity. In comparison, ‘Structure’ could almost be described as geometric. Different weaving techniques are combined in this flooring to create a three-dimensional design. Changes in light cause this creative design to produce different effects. The third design, ‘Optics’, has been inspired by subtle lighting effects. This unique flooring lends interiors a dynamic atmosphere, while remaining low-key enough to fit in with many different styles of furnishing.

Smart concepts for a wide range of applications

All three WOVON designs are a modern, low-maintenance alternative to traditional textile floor coverings. In an office environment, the collection looks smart – mastering the balance between design and functionality with panache. Thanks to the brand new, original designs and good impact noise insulation of 11 db, WOVON is also a smart choice for use in shops and hotels. Regardless of the field of application, this easy-clean, durable flooring with its attractive woven finish is an asset to any interior. In terms of day-to-day care, the flooring requires nothing more than a quick hoover and the removable of any marks. Like all other objectflor floorings, WOVON is free from phthalates and is 100% recyclable.

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