Quick installation and good insulation

EXPONA SIMPLAY 19dB is the new generation of self-laying designer flooring by objectflor. This innovative collection of floorings is wonderfully quiet, thanks to the 19dB impact sound insulation.

EXPONA SIMPLAY vinyl flooring has been recognised as the quickest installation system on the market for a good number of years. Today, the well-established collection offers an additional benefit: the integrated IXPE impact sound insulation layer provides outstanding protection against footstep noise. With improved sound insulation of 19dB, these self-laying designer floors are comparable to thin carpets. This new benefit means that the tiles and planks are an even better choice for highly frequented areas that are subject to significant wear and tear, because less noise is transmitted to rooms next door or underneath. Compared to carpet, EXPONA SIMPLAY 19dB offers the advantages of simple, hygienic cleaning and a longer service life.

Saves time and avoids construction site dust

EXPONA SIMPLAY 19dB is incredibly simple to install. The vinyl flooring is quick to lay on even surfaces, without the need for any strong adhesive. It simply needs to be fixed in place with a tackifier – significantly minimising the preparation of the substrate and avoiding construction site dust. The objectflor collection also comes with a special guaranteed dimensional stability. These are all reasons why this vinyl flooring, with a 5-millimetre installation height, is such a good choice for heavily frequented commercial properties. The tiles and planks are composed of different layers that are thermally pressed together to ensure a strong bond. This makes the collection with the 55-mm wear layer particularly hard-wearing and durable. The surface is treated with a PUR coating before leaving the factory. EXPONA SIMPLAY 19dB not only feels good underfoot but also features R10 slip resistance.
There are a total of twelve designs to choose from – ranging from traditional wood effects in warm shades to stylish Nordic woods, as well as concrete looks in four different shades of grey.

A good choice for the environment, too

EXPONA SIMPLAY 19dB complies with all standards for sustainability and healthy atmospheric environments. Like all other EXPONA DESIGN floorings, this collection has been awarded the Indoor Air Comfort GOLD seal. Issued by Eurofins, this seal recognises products that comply with all VOC emission limits. The vinyl flooring is produced using only phthalate-free and organic plasticisers. One key environmental benefit of EXPONA SIMPLAY 19dB is that it is only installed with a tackifier, rather than adhesives.

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