POLYFLOR PALETTONE PUR, the new homogeneous vinyl flooring from objectflor, is giving new meaning to the colour experience. With a natural, matte finish, the 50 modern colours can all be mixed and matched harmoniously.

PALETTONE: The fascination of colours

The new vinyl collection, POLYFLOR PALETTONE PUR, revolves entirely around the colour experience – given that colours can be used to create identity and provide guidance. The PALETTONE colour range is based on a sophisticated colour-wheel system – which enables all shades to look good on their own or in any imaginable combination – and has been harmonised with the Natural Colour System (NCS). Neutral, subdued or vibrant – all 50 shades have been inspired by nature. In addition to the collection book, the PALETTONE colour wheel is a design tool aimed to help architects select the right colours by enabling them to immediately visualise their ideas.

The robust, monolayer structure

The vinyl flooring’s matte finish creates an incredibly natural effect. PALETTONE is composed of a homogeneous single PVC layer, whose smooth, dense finish is the result of a sophisticated manufacturing process. As a consequence, the flexible 2-mm-gauge vinyl flooring is particularly resistant to wear and tear.   The flooring’s innovative PUR surface treatment also provides lasting protection against soiling and makes the flooring extremely easy to clean.  The new collection is available in rolls and tiles. The diverse fields of application include educational establishments, industrial sites and buildings in the health sector. POLYFLOR PALETTONE SD, available in six different colours, has been specifically designed for areas that need to meet strict security standards in terms of static dissipation. 

Good for the environment, good for health

PALETTONE complies with all regulations with respect to the highest quality of indoor air. Testimony to this are certificates such as the INDOOR AIR COMFORT GOLD, as well as other environmental and sustainability labels. The long service life of the flooring is an important factor in terms of sustainability. objectflor is also committed to using valuable resources sparingly. A quarter of the 100% recyclable collection is composed of recycled materials. 


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