More individuality

objectflor has expanded EXPONA COMMERCIAL into a completely independent LVT collection. Forty of the eighty decors are exclusive new developments for individual flooring design with the popular 0.55 millimetre top layer.

Living decors and impressive surfaces characterise the new EXPONA COMMERCIAL collection, which now has its own completely new profile. Separate from EXPONA DESIGN, objectflor has delivered an impressive collection that provides new inspirations in commercial properties in the increasingly popular top layer thickness of 0.55 millimetres. Thanks to an interplay of colour nuances and natural deviations from perfection, the surfaces of the natural materials shown reach a new level of quality. The range of stampings tailored to the decors has never been greater: EXPONA COMMERCIAL offers 19 different surfaces, some of which are stamped to match the decor. The textures pick up the facets of the print and reproduce them both visibly and tangibly. With all decors, matt surfaces provide a strikingly high-quality look. The individuality of EXPONA COMMERCIAL is also underlined by the wide variety of formats that have been selected to bring out the best in every decor.

New trend decors

Of the 80 decors in total, half have been developed for the relaunch. EXPONA COMMERCIAL offers an exclusive choice of modern LVT designer floorings, because even the top-sellers carried over from the previous collection are patented objectflor designs. One highlight is the new decor "Crystal Parchment" with its vibrant parchment texture that looks three-dimensional. Shadings of varied intensity give rise to interesting effects on the paper-white flooring that change depending on the viewing angle. To provide contrast, this design is also available in shades of grey. The "Mosaic" decor with the look of broken porcelain pieces of different sizes aims to deliver the 3D effect of an unusual surface texture. Also new are stone decors with elegant metallic effects that emphasise the floor design subtly yet effectively. The new wood looks of EXPONA COMMERCIAL have a particularly vibrant appearance. The decors show woods that have "tales to tell": Grain, signs of weathering, indications of use and colour contrasts in the design give the flooring character. That applies to the wide range of many different oak finishes, as well as to the new end-grain decor and the vibrant teak decor. Used looks come to the fore in the case of designs such as "Barnwood" or the old wood "Salvaged Wood" with a Sägerau wood texture. EXPONA COMMERCIAL also delivers new ideas with regard to the trending style of concrete: The decors "Painted Cement" and "Raw Cement" differ in their colour and effect, but are linked by the colour progression. They can be laid both individually and irregularly in combination, producing an individual floor in harmony with the property.

Quick search

The collection is divided up into eight groups according to colours and styles so that planners can quickly select the right floorings from the wide variety of decors. This system makes it easy to see which floorings match and what suitable alternatives are available for vintage decors or designs featuring various shades of grey, for example. Along with the presentation in the high-quality 136-page collection brochure, the new objectflor web site also provides this helpful overview.

Quality as a sign

Besides design advantages, perfected technical quality is another argument in favour of EXPONA COMMERCIAL. The layers of the heterogeneous flooring are firmly pressed and guarantee a longer-than-average service life thanks to high pressure stability. The UV cross-linked, highly resistant PUR surface treatment ensures that surfaces will remain beautiful for a long time. objectflor floorings are also the first choice when it comes to healthy living: Only phthalate-free and biological plasticisers are used. The Indoor Air Comfort Gold seal is testimony to the best room air, because the 100 per cent recyclable floorings regularly undergo very strict emissions tests. In order to support owners and architects with all the necessary data for sustainable building, EXPONA COMMERClAL has been assessed in accordance with the EN 15804 Programm vom Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V. (IBU) for ecological building assessment.

 Cologne, March 2017


More individuality

Living decors and impressive surfaces characterise the new EXPONA COMMERCIAL collection, which now has its own completely new profile.

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