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Our sustainability projects

When it comes to sustainability, we look beyond the short-term, because it is not only our products that reflect our commitment. We also keep a close eye on our processes and our daily projects. Continuous checks of our products with regard to processing quality, test results and environmental certificates are an integral part of our work.

  • Construction of the new logistics centre according to DGNB criteria
  • Consistent use of environmentally friendly models in our car fleet
  • Conversion to LED lighting (more than 70% CO² savings)
  • Introduction of sustainable logistics solutions (battery-powered forklift and 1-shift operation)
  • Establishing remote office working saves CO² by eliminating commuting.
  • Shipping by ship instead of by plane and truck

Our value chain

As a responsible company, it is important to define clear standards in terms of quality and sustainability and to monitor compliance with these not only in our own production facilities, but also to ensure compliance along the entire value chain. For this reason, our floor coverings are only manufactured by certified and specially authorised partners worldwide.

  • Our production facilities are certified to the strict international standards BES 6001 and SA 8000, as well as the environmental management standard ISO 14001, which, among many other things, confirms responsible sourcing with regard to environmental aspects.
  • Our floor coverings comply with the AgBB scheme of the Committee for the Health Evaluation of Building Products.

Our POLYFLOR production facility in Whitefield UK.

Our industry memberships

We were one of the first manufacturers of LVT floor coverings to receive the "DGNB Navigator Label" for building products from the German Sustainable Building Council. To ensure that all important information for sustainable building is available quickly and easily, the collections are listed with product-specific EPDs in the DGNB Navigator.

A contribution to nature:

Environment objectflor
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