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Unlimited design options

The individual room effect can be greatly influenced by the flooring. Whether warm, cold, rustic or urban – here you'll find the right flooring for the room concept!
In our design studio, you've got almost unlimited design options. Let your creativity run free.

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Design studio objectflor


easybo photo service - see before you buy

Unable to imagine how your chosen floor will look in your own personal room setting?

Do you want to be certain that the flooring that you've chosen will match your living style?

If so then use our photo service!
Whether it's furniture, carpets or shadows:
Experience the effect of different wood types, wood grades and laying samples in your personal room setting. All questions will be answered.

easybo photo service - it couldn't be more simple!

·         Use a digital camera to photograph the room in which you want to lay your new floor.

·         Simply upload your digital photos to the server online. The fee for editing and preparing your photos starts at 9.99 € (incl. VAT) per photo.

·         Your photo will normally be ready for you within 24 hours (workdays). You will be informed either via e-mail or text message.


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