Unlimited possibilities

Together, forty designer floorings, six carpet planks and four clean-walk planks make up the completely loose collection EXPONA SIMPLAY: for a uniform floor design with different zones and without annoying transition strips.

Individuality is currently the dominant trend when it comes to floorings. objectflor is providing a fresh impetus for this in the form of the innovative EXPONA SIMPLAY collection that the company will be presenting at EUROSHOP 2017. A choice of three completely different types of flooring is available within a collection, although in terms of colours, textures and formats they are all a perfect match for each other. LVT designer floorings are supplemented by self-laying carpet and clean-walk planks. Together, the three floorings in the different decors form a single visual unit – laid with no clicking and bonding. Transition strips are no longer needed. The surfaces with individual and modular designs can be rapidly changed using material collages to develop new ideas or in response to changed requirements. EXPONA SIMPLAY was specially developed with a view to use in shops, hotels and at trade fairs, as well as for modern office buildings. The entire collection has been specially designed for heavily frequented buildings.

High-quality design in three colour groups

EXPONA SIMPLAY stands for modern decors that have been developed exclusively for this collection. objectflor has divided up the 50 decors into three colour groups in order to support planners in their work: "Coffee" provides floorings in the popular warm brown tones. "Berry" includes grey tones accentuated by a berry colour. All mixed tones have been brought together under the heading "Pepper". The respective matching designer floorings, carpet planks and clean-walk planks are always combined in all groups. In the case of the designer floorings with a 0.7 millimetre top layer, the palette of current decors extends from elegant oak looks with a new silk-matt fine wood texture through to vintage wood with a weathered but not rustic look. Another of the highlights is the authentic concrete designs.

Quality and sustainability

objectflor launched the first loose-laying collection onto the market as long ago as 2011. It proved to be a well-developed system that can be laid very quickly and with which it's possible to achieve a time saving of as much as 50 per cent. The same system is now also being used for carpet planks and clean-walk planks. All three flooring types can be simply laid plank after plank on prepared surfaces.

With EXPONA SIMPLAY, the high quality claim is also apparent from the well-considered selection in terms of sustainability. The collection has been rated as having very low emissions and awarded the "Indoor Air Comfort Gold" seal. In addition, the avoidance of adhesive generally has a positive effect on the room air quality. EXPONA SIMPLAY also has the environmental product declaration (EPD) for ecological building assessment (fDES program). The carpet planks are made from ECONYL yarn produced from regenerated materials. Nylon from carpets, textile waste and fishing nets is converted back into the primary raw material without any loss of quality. This method reduces the volume of waste globally. And last but not least, the possibility of taking up and repaying the same tiles and planks multiple times is what makes EXPONA SIMPLAY particularly resource-friendly.

Cologne, March 2017