Expona Flow – an almost limitless Design flooring objectflor

Expona Flow – an almost limitless Design flooring

Now there are authentic surfaces with attractive designs that set the scene, in almost seamless laying formats.

The EXPONA FLOW Design flooring Collection for the commercial sector comes in 50 exclusive designs – and every one creates a real impression. The unique Collection is inspirational in large format designs, forming an almost seamless effect with focal points for added emphasis. From the natural wood look to stone looks, as well as innovative, abstract decors, create a wealth of attractive highlights for this Collection.

The Highlight: Vinyl flooring with exclusive concrete looks

With a wealth of structures, colours, and decors, EXPONA FLOW offers attractive design possibilities for every spatial concept. The outstanding highlights of the Collection are the industrial concrete formats. Objectflor has developed a corresponding range of colours with a refined modern surface creating the appearance of cast concrete. The surfaces provide a particularly authentic impression thanks to the fine fissure effect and sandy look, in line with the trend towards textures with the appearance of being unfinished yet hard-wearing. As an extension to these concrete formats, there are two decorative floorings, “Onyx Ornamental” and “Copper Ornamental”, with which the original concrete effect is balanced by combination with printed floral ornamentation. These decors are perfectly supported in character by the practically seamless laying format.

Entrancing wood finished and interesting effects – the trendy floor covering

The 20 wood looks present a wide range of colour tones, grains, and surfaces, which include rustic and classic oak decors as well as particularly lively pine finishes. An eye-catcher here is the “Chevron”, which in the herringbone laying format shown, giving the effect of well-wearing floorboards, creates a dramatic look for the entire spatial area.

EXPONA FLOW includes, as well as the “Wood” and “Stone” versions, also what are known as the “Effects”, with the “Infinity” decor, recalling traditional textiles and woven floor coverings. The character of this design is shaped by the avoidance of strict lines in favour of a soft organic impression. “Infinity” is available in a total of seven colour tones.

The Collection is rounded off by a modern palette of 15 uni-tones, which under the heading of “Cosmos” includes a number of light beige and grey shades. These are supplemented by a range of selected strong trend colours, while pearl fragments create discreet points of brilliance and, at the same time, lend the floor depth and a surface of powerful effect, changing as the light falls on it.