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We orientate ourselves on original materials - so that you can realise designs that would not be possible with the original.

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Dry Back

Quiet acoustics

100% Recyclable

100% phthalate-free

Natural surface embossing

Elastic floor covering

100% Waterproof

Insensitive to dirt

Insensitive to moisture

A+ Certified

Wear layer 0,55 mm

Fire behaviour Bfl S1


R10 Slip resistance


Durable & Resistant

Suitable for underfloor heating

Low emissions

Easy to clean

Tiles and planks in 12 formats

Even though we, as a market leader, like to set trends ourselves, our mission is long-lasting robustness. Particularly for surfaces subjected to heavy stress. This is where the harmonious symbiosis of high-quality decorative film and true-to-nature surface stamping can be seen every day. Planners and developers value our approximately 20 years of experience. We take our inspiration from original materials – opening up for you a realm of designs that would be unimaginable with the real thing. The decorative films, crucial to the remarkably natural appearance of the decors, are printed onto the decorative layer with up to six separate ink cylinders and carefully selected special inks. This makes the colour reproduction uniquely brilliant.

For EXPONA COMMERCIAL and depending on the design, a total of 19 different surface textures are adapted very naturally to the decor, or are specially stamped onto the decor in order to match it. The decor basis is a form of reproduction involving photographic techniques. The result is a magnificent range of 80 decors, including 52 wood designs, 14 stone looks and 14 impressive effect decors.

EXPONA COMMERCIAL floorings are of the highest quality. Perfect for impressive room concepts and at the same time easy to lay, and of course with „waterjet cutting“ technology for custom designs. Every flooring laid is unique. Just as nature would also have wanted it. But: much more hardwearing due the qualities of PVC. EXPONA COMMERCIAL tiles and planks are impressive with a total thickness of 2,5 mm and a top layer thickness of 0,55 mm. They are comprised of several layers that are thermally pressed and thus firmly connected. We take our time over this. EXPONA COMMERCIAL floorings are easy to clean. The surface receives an excellent and permanent PUR treatment before it even leaves the factory. They are impervious to moisture and dirt. And they are very pleasantly quiet when walked on. Our certified floorings are bio-based, which means that they contain only phthalate-free and biological plasticisers.

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