Wuhle Anger, Berlin

EXPONA DOMESTIC - Wild Oak - 5953
EXPONA DOMESTIC - Natural Brushed Oak - 5961
ARTIGO - ZERO.4 - R922 / ARTIGO - ZERO. - G805

Design flooring and rubber floor coverings from objectflor in the urban residential quarter of Wuhle Anger, Berlin

Object: Schleusinger Strasse residential construction project, Berlin
Builder: Berlin Brandenburgische Wohnungsbaugenossenschaft eG
Completion: 2014
Execution: Trapp GmbH, Berlin
Technical Advice: objectflor, Cologne
Area: approx. 5,600m²
" What was wanted was a floor which was visually appealing , but at the same time highly resistant and easy to maintain. "

Used objectflor products

Urban generation living – all on offer in the new “Wuhle Anger” residential quarter in Berlin Marzahn.

The Berlin-Brandenburgische Wohnungsbaugenossenschaft eG has focused closely on the interests of the tenants, from the floor covering to the leisure activities available in the residents communal area.

A bonus for rubber floor coverings and Design flooring: Resistant to wear and easy to maintain

For older Association members who wanted to remain in the Quarter but who needed a certain amount of support, two different offers were provided: For the fittings of the rooms, apartments, and community areas, the planners opted for objectflor vinyl floor coverings. What was wanted was a floor covering which was visually appealing, but at the same time highly resistant and easy to maintain. In this context, two authentic oak surfaces were particularly attractive, which create a friendly ambience in all the residential parts of the quarter. In the community sections of the residents’ communal area, the choice was a slate look. The colours and structures of the Design floorings incur their effect thanks to specially matched surface embossing and modern print techniques – and the effect is amazingly authentic. This is enhanced still further due to the floors being laid as tiles and planks.

Both the product life cycle as well as the maintenance costs are particular bonus points with a Design floor. As a rule, the 10 years of use required by the housing industry are exceeded by a long way. The tenants have all the benefits of a hard-wearing floor which is particularly easy to clean, which only needs to be swept or vacuum-cleaned and occasionally given a wipe with a damp cloth.

Rubber floor covering from objectflor designed by Sottsass Associati

The planners of the residential quarter put particular emphasis on a rich contrast in the colour concept in the corridors and stairwells. The colour combination of Red and Grey characterises the design of the floor covering, and extends into the wall concept. As well as this planned design feature, the décor of the rubber floor covering also catches the eye: Used here is the “ZERO.4” covering, part of the portfolio of ARTIGO floor coverings, marketed in Germany exclusively by objectflor. “ZERO.4” was created by the design agency Sottsass Associati, and has been honoured with a number of distinguished design awards.

Rubber flooring from objectflor particularly suitable in kindergartens too

45 children from the Quarter and the neighbouring houses attend the Kindergarten, which with gardens and winter gardens offers plenty of room to romp and play. For these bright rooms, the choice was made for a light-coloured rubber floor with a smooth surface and a fine grain of different colours (ARTIGO GRANTIO G363). The special Pro-surface enhancement ensures the necessary hard-wearing qualities thanks to effective protection against dirt and scratches, as well as guaranteeing easy hygienic cleaning and upkeep.

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