Music Store, Cologne

Expona Design - 6146
Expona Design - 6149 - mit Fugenstreifen - 3038
Expona Design - 6149 - mit Fugenstreifen - 3038
Expona Design - 6167

Design flooring from objectflor in the Music Store new building in Cologne

Completion: 2011
Area: ca. m²: 4.780
" The Music Store in Cologne is one of the leading global players in the entire sector. And to provide for the perfect entrance to the new business premises, design floor coverings from objectflor were the obvious choice. " – Objectflor

Used objectflor products

Design flooring from objectflor with the wood look creates atmosphere 

The finish is based on the contrast between an industrial look, with visible functional supply elements on the ceiling, and highly expressive design floor coverings from object?or in wood décors with truly authentic effects: On the ground floor, over a total of 1,500 square metres, is an elegant silver grey wood-effect design (EXPONA DESIGN 6146), the surface of which imitates the structures of driftwood. Matching the concept in the style of the “American way of life”, some 1,800 square metres of sales area was selected for a rustic oak appearance in a warm brown finish (EXPONA DESIGN 6149), with a particularly vital effect achieved by the laying of jointing strips from objectflor (EXPONA DESIGN 3038).

The administration areas are finished in a light ash format (EXPONA DESIGN 6167). 

As well as an appealing design, the qualities which count in the Music Store are, in particular, the high resistance to loading and the easy upkeep of vinyl floors made of modern synthetic materials. Even after years of heavy traffic, the floor covering will always still look its best. And, of course, the rustic oak décor is also an essential next to the Bar, on which the truly gorgeous ‘fifties Buick stands. 

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