medneo – Diagnostics Centre, Berlin

SimpLay DESIGN VINYL - Walnut - 2504
SimpLay DESIGN VINYL - Walnut - 2504
SimpLay DESIGN VINYL - Walnut - 2504
SimpLay DESIGN VINYL - Walnut - 2504
SimpLay DESIGN VINYL - Walnut - 2504

SimpLay Design flooring in the medneo – Diagnostics Centre, Berlin

Object: medneo Diagnostics Centre, Berlin
Builder: medneo GmbH, Berlin
Completion: 2013
Technical Advice: objectflor, Cologne
Area: approx. 260m²
" No clicking, no bonding – just laying. And that means supply conduits are easy to reach! "

Used objectflor products

The medical practice rooms of an innovative radiological practice need fixtures and fittings of particularly high quality. Wooden floors are unable to meet the many demands imposed – and that meant choosing a loose-laying vinyl floor from objectflor.

Because MRI scans are more and more in demand, and the investments for radiologists and hospitals in imaging diagnostic equipment are becoming more and more expensive, the founders of medneo in Berlin came up with the idea of offering doctors and hospitals clinical images instead of equipment as a complex “pay-per-use” service. Practice centres were therefore planned in which the MRI images can be prepared at an unusually high rate, of up to 18 hours a day. An important part of this new concept is the patient positioning trolley, which allows for patients to be introduced into the MRI device rapidly one after another. An efficient idea, but one which imposes particularly high stresses on the floor covering, since the trolleys, weighing several hundred kilograms, have to be moved very frequently.

For the interior designers and internal architects from Raumidee Kadur from Dresden, entrusted with the complete planning and equipping of these areas, it rapidly became clear that the natural wooden floors which were actually wanted would have been entirely out of place here. As well as this mechanical stress, another major factor for consideration was of course simple and hygienic cleaning.

Vinyl floor without bonding: Simply working more freely

And there was another requirement as well: The high-tech equipment of the practice made it necessary for a floor structure well above the usual standards to be provided, so as to accommodate the ducts for cables and compressed air. In order to keep these supply ducts readily accessible, the entirely loose-lying “SimpLay” Design floor from objectflor was particularly highly recommended. Without any fixed bonding, thanks to their own weight and the networked coating on the rear the planks can be laid securely and reliably, and are well-suited even for the heavily frequented parts of the building, but can still be taken up at any time. The requirement for a high-quality wood appearance was also fulfilled with “SimpLay”. The 260 square metres of the practice was fitted out with Design flooring using an elegant walnut look (Art. No. 2504 Walnut), harmonising very attractively with the continuous colour concept in tones of White and Blue.

Part of the fittings concept is that the adjacent areas can also be integrated in the same style in the event of a further extension. The “SimpLay Design Vinyl” Collection from objectflor will easily allow for that as well.

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