IKEA Restaurant, Frankfurt

EXPONA DESIGN - Blond Country Plank 6151
EXPONA DESIGN -Black Slate - 7153
EXPONA DESIGN - Blond Country Plank 6151
EXPONA DESIGN - Blond Country Plank 6151

Scandinavian mood created by country house floorboard design flooring from objectflor

Object: IKEA Restaurant, Frankfurt
Completion: 2006
Technical Advice: objectflor, Cologne
Area: approx. 1,600m²
" Nordic design and Swedish delicacies make the IKEA Restaurant in Frankfurt a pleasant setting to take a break from shopping. "

Used objectflor products

The vinyl floor coverings from the EXPONA DESIGN Collection from objectflor make the perfect match for the new restaurant concept.

On a surface area of 1,500 square metres, the old-world charm of the wooden floorboard effect in the style of a Scandinavian country house (EXPONA DESIGN 6151) really comes to the fore. Forming a striking contrast to this is an area with tiles in the colour and structure of dark grey slates (EXPONA DESIGN 7153), laid in the free-flow area of the beverage counter over a surface of 100 square metres. The top quality wood and stone effects chosen for the restaurant create a fine impression with authentic surfaces which have an astonishing resemblance to the beauty of the natural materials.

Extreme demands on the strength of vinyl floor coverings from objectflor

Every year some 100 million people visit the 43 IKEA furnishing stores in Germany. These incredible visitor numbers impose extreme challenges for the design flooring. It goes without saying that the beauty of the vinyl floor coverings should be retained over their entire service lives. As well as the design, it was the toughness and long life that were the main arguments in the selection of the design floor covering from the EXPONA DESIGN collection from objectflor. The wear layer of 0.7 millimetres is specifically designed for optimum durability under heavy loading. It is in such heavily frequented areas in particular that the robustness of modern vinyl floor coverings provides a decisive advantage over natural materials.

As well as this, a special PU surface finish protects the floors against dirt, as well as making cleaning easier, which needs to be frequent due to the intensive use. Other features which visitors find pleasant are the comfort in walking and the quieter sound of footfalls. And all this means that the design floor covering from objectflor has more than proved its worth as an excellent basis for a pleasant break from shopping.

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