EXPONA: Design flooring masters the market

It was while he was looking for floor coverings that would set the pace for the future that Eberhard Lotz, who established objectflor as a company, came across Design flooring. Fascinated and inspired by the design concept possibilities, and convinced of the commercial potential, in 1994 he presented his own EXPONA Collection for the first time – one of the first to offer Design floorings on the market.

The first 18 decors were developed together with a female artist from Cologne, and aroused a great deal of attention.

„Even more than 20 years ago we could already sense the huge potential in Design floorings.“ – Eberhard Lotz, objectflor company founder

Today, the brand name EXPONA still stands as a unique and independent design concept –  and now with more than 35 million square metres of Design flooring sold.

“The floor covering emphasises the industrial look of my pharmacy, and creates a unique image for it – an image people remember.“

– Erik Tenberken, Pharmacist, Westgate Apotheke, Cologne

Exactly what the owners want

EXPONA Design floorings emphasise what the architecture has to say, and set the mood in the individual area. They harmonise with the fittings, the colour scheme, and the light. With their realistic reproductions of wood, metal, and stone, and with innovative design ideas, floor coverings from EXPONA set the perfect stage for your creativity and your own concepts of ambience.

EXPONA DESIGN Cobblestone 7104

Exactly what Designers and Architects want

The co-operation with the designer Philipp Beck and his atelier 522, to whose ideas the “Matrix” decor harks back, is an excellent example of the design concept and the philosophy projected by objectflor. During the development leading to the EXPONA Collection, objectflor placed great value on the co-operation with designers, who at the same time fulfil the role of planners. The result is exclusive decors, the way architects and interior architects actually conceive them for their own projects.

EXPONA DESIGN Beige Matrix 8073

“The apparently limitless fine lines of the Designs convey an idea of infinity.“

– Phillip Beck, CEO, atelier 522, Markdorf





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