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Sustainability at objectflor: Limitless

The driving force behind our commitment to sustainability is our responsibility as a company. In the context of the general and holistic definition of sustainability, we take this responsibility very seriously, not only in the ecological sense but also in terms of economic and social considerations.

Our declared aim is, as far as we possibly can, to exert a positive influence on the future for the generations to come. And for us, that means not just words but deeds – our deeds.

Sustainability all along the Value Creation Chain

As a company with a very strong sense of responsibility, we see it as our obligation to define clear standards with regard to quality and sustainability, and to make sure they are maintained not only in our own operational centres but also along the whole of the value creation chain. And that’s why our floor coverings are manufactured exclusively by certified and specially authorised partners throughout the world.

Monitoring is carried out by ongoing audits, internally and externally. This means that all our production facilities and those of our suppliers are certified in accordance with the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) Standard. And, as well as that, our partners are also certified in accordance with the international BES 6001 and SA 8000 Standards.

Just how seriously we take the issue of social responsibility can be shown well beyond the limits of the products alone:

  • Introduction of sustainable logistics solutions
  • New construction of the Logistics Centre in accordance with DGNB criteria
  • Switching to sustainable energy sources with regard to energy supply
  • Consistent use of environmentally-friendly models in our vehicle fleet
  • High sense of social responsibility towards our staff
  • Ongoing professional development by advanced and further training
  • Constantly developing commitment in the context of social sponsoring

Product Standards as a Source for Sustainability

It is our firm belief that a company’s values of sustainability do not end with their products – that’s where they start!    And one reason is that the seriousness of the efforts being made in this respect can be very easily checked.

All floor coverings, whether they be design flooring, vinyl flooring or rubber flooring, bear the specified CE marking as a European conformity declaration. As well as this, our floor coverings carry the supervisory approval of the German Sustainable Building Council (DIBt), which means they fulfil the schedule set by the AgBB (Committee for Health-related Evaluation of Building Products).

objectflor Floor Coverings are phthalate-free and contain no harmful plasticisers

Our customers’ health has absolute priority. We back that up with a whole range of certifications and seals of approval. Our floor coverings are created in objectflor Quality, and can be used with absolutely no concerns at all, in particular in living rooms and children’s rooms.

And as well as that, our floor coverings are 100 % recyclable. They can be reused with regard to both the material and the thermal qualities. That means the recycling material can be integrated back into new production, as much as can possibly be achieved.

Responsibility in every phase

When it comes to sustainability, we think outside the box, because our commitment goes beyond our products. The quality and environmental friendliness of the adhesives and filler compounds used are very much in our focus. Continual testing with regard to their processing quality, their seals of approval, and their environmental compatibility certificates are all a permanent and integral part of our work.

As part of our sustainability strategy, we want to do more than “only” make our products fit for the future. That is why we commit ourselves to involvement with a large number of working groups in the entire scope of the sector, so as to drive ahead with the definition of binding framework conditions for sustainable building, together with others working to the same end. Among other engagements we are an active member of the DGNB, as well as many other associations in our sector.

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